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Restructuring of the SEF is on the moving – It will happen until March 2023

22 December, 2022

The Portuguese government has just announced a new releasing date for the restructuring of Foreigners and Borders Service – (“SEF”) – it will happen until March 2023 and a new authority will arise.

As previously announced, SEF, as we know, will be decommissioned. That doesn’t mean that the external and border security service will be extinguished, but as it affirmed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs – and his office – this moment is a “change and reform in continuity”:

Is was also established a protocol between the Portuguese Government and the Authorities that will be in charge of the previous functions of SEF: Criminal Police (“PJ”) – where de SEF inspectors will now be established; Republican National Guard (“GNR”) – which will be responsible for the control of land and sea borders and Public Security Police (“PSP”) – the now on responsible for the air borders – this protocol, in conjunction with the creation of the Portuguese Agency for Migration and Asylum (“APMA”) – marks the beginning of the full transfer of competencies.

From IAS side we will keep our clients informed about any update about this matter. In any case, we do not predict that this change would have any major impact in the applications already submitted.