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Why is now the Golden Moment to make your real estate investment in Portugal?

by Déborah Coutinho

Life is made of opportunities, and you don’t want to miss the good ones. If you are a high net-worth individual looking for a safe investment option that leads to European immigration, there is no better time to take advantage of the Portugal Golden Visa Program than now.

On one side, the program just became easier as the knowledge in the Portuguese language is no longer one of the requirements to obtain citizenship. Also, the first applicants recently got their Portuguese citizenship through investment, which confirms that the Portugal Golden Visa is a secure pathway to acquire your European citizenship.

On the other side, the Portuguese Government has submitted a draft State Budget Law for 2020, which is currently under discussion in the Portuguese Parliament. This draft law is not final, and it doesn’t introduce any actual changes to the current Portugal Golden Visa Program. In fact, it only allows the Government to make changes to the rules, and these have not yet been clarified.

However, if approved, Parliament will authorize the Government to legislate changes to the Portugal Golden Visa regime. Therefore, if adopted, the final legislation will not be immediately in force. Changes to the Portugal Golden Visa Program rules will only take effect after complete regulation is published. Assuming it is ever published, they will surely not affect cases submitted before late 2020, only thereafter.

So why wait for this new wave of possible changes that might make the program harder for the applicants? Why not take advantage of this Golden Moment and invest while there is a first-class project available? If you are ready to take advantage of this lifetime opportunity, keep on reading about one of the best real estate investments in Portugal at the moment.

Lapa Porto Hotel – the real estate investment of your life

Visioarq Hotel Lapa HR Pag22Our current project, Lapa Porto Hotel, is a project in partnership with the Porto Municipality and Marriot Hotels. The latest news will not influence this project. However, as we expect to have fully subscribed by the end of the first semester of 2020, we advise our future investors to invest as soon as possible.

We believe the Lapa Porto Hotel is ideal for the investors who are looking for a way to protect their capital while holding the investment and making a predictable return (fixed 3% yield per year).

A Renaissance Brand – quality and luxury in the heart of Porto

Lapa Porto Hotel will operate under the Renaissance brand. Renaissance is a Marriot brand and has the perfect concept to give the hotel a vibrant, modern, and sophisticated atmosphere. Benefitting from Marriott’s marketing strategy and approach, the hotel will also avail from one of the world’s largest hotels selling channels and a market-leading loyalty program. The expected timeline for Lapa Porto Hotel to start its operations is 2021.

Lapa Hotel is Porto’s newest project, integrating the internationally recognized Renaissance Brand into the city. It has been projected under one solid concept: inspiring shapes, simplicity, and elegance, combined with high-end engineering.

For a cosmopolitan lifestyle, we developed an exclusive piece of architecture, integrated into a specific urban context, well-balanced with the city landscape. You’ll find lots of glass, woods, and other noble materials in inviting wide open areas, both in the rooms and the common areas. After all, there is no real luxury without space.

Lapa Porto Hotel Privileged Location

Lapa Porto Hotel is located in one of the most historic neighborhoods of Porto, right in the gateway to downtown. Dominating the landscape, on the top of a hill, the Hotel offers a breath-taking view over the city skyline.

Most visitors come to this area to visit Lapa Church, and its iconic religious architecture. Nevertheless, they can’t resist exploring the surroundings, such as Clérigos Tower or the lively Galerias de Paris, only a 10-minute walk from the Hotel.

Lapa Hotel is near to all these and other attractions Porto has to offer: fine restaurants, exclusive shops, historical buildings, and vibrant nightlife. A stay to remember in a monumental city.


How to take advantage of this Golden Moment and invest in Lapa Porto?

Ready to seize this lifetime opportunity and make the most out of your real estate investment? Great! Email Mercan at or apply at the Invest Golden Visa website to receive more information by email.

Mercan has the whole skill set to help you, making your Golden Visa application a smooth process. From tax number to application submission, and to accompany you to your SEF appointment, Mercan will be there for you. Take advantage of this Golden Moment and start today to build a better future for you and your family.