U.S. EB-3: work in the USA and get a 10 years Green Card

Work in the USA was never that easy! The U.S. EB-3 is an immigration program meant for unskilled workers to obtain a U.S. Green Card valid for 10 years. Under the EB-3 program, applicants can get the Green Card super fast and before going to the USA. This program has no age, language proof, education, work experience related to the job applied or net worth prerequisites. Also, spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 can be included in the EB-3 application and get the Green Card benefits too.

U.S. EB-3 requirements

The EB-3 program has very few requirements. Such as, candidates must have a permanent valid job offer. Also, they must able to perform an unskilled labor (required less than 2 years training or experience). And the job position can not be temporary or seasonal. Finally, candidates should acquire a Labor Certification from the Department of Labor (Form ETA-9089).

Check above processing time, fees and the step-by-step to get your Green Card with the EB-3 program:


The processing time can vary according to nationality. Overall, you can expect your EB3 processing time to be about a year and a half to two years. For applicants from India, China, and the Philippines, the processing time may be longer.

After getting the Green Card

After getting the US Green Card, there is no immediate requirement to stay in the US for the first two to four years. But to keep the benefits of the card, Green Card holders must travel to the US once every six months for a minimum of two weeks and have a permanent address in the US (rented apartment or owned property).

How to make your American dream come true

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