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1 Who We Are - Mercan Group

Who we are

Mercan Group of Companies currently employs over 150 employees. In our decades of experience in immigration, investment and recruitment consulting, Mercan Group has built an international network of offices in major cities around the globe. Our vast network provides us the ability to work with a great number of clientele from any country. Our head office is in Montreal, Canada with regional offices across Canada, throughout Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa and the United States.

Why Choose Mercan

Due to our wealth of experience and network, we have a thorough understanding of the immigration programs around the world and are confident we can provide all our clients, including businessmen, students, workers and companies with unparalleled immigration services. Mercan Group is a leader in the field of investment, immigration and recruitment and has developed a reputation for integrity and efficiency. Therefore, our clients are assured any of their applications are being handled and represented by certified immigration professionals.

Corporate Timeline

  • 1989

    Jerry Morgan founded the corporate company, Mercan Capital Ltd. (MCL) in Montreal, which expanded with regional offices in many countries since. Mercan Capital is one of the largest and most successful immigration-consulting firms in Canada. More than 40,000 individuals of numerous origins have been able to establish permanent residency in Canada and the United States by entrusting their applications with Mercan Capital. India, Vietnam, Bangladesh
  • 1997

    Beijing Sino-Mercan Consulting (BSMC) was founded in Beijing, China. As an investment-consulting firm, BSMC has assisted foreign investors gain permanent residency in Canada, United States of America and Europe.
  • 2005

    Mercan Group diversified by opening Mercan Recruit Ltd. (MRL) and IMP Canada with offices in Montreal, Saskatoon and Edmonton. Mercan Recruit globally recruits, tests and settles skilled foreign workers into companies from different countries including Canada. On the other hand, IMP Canada is a Canadian employer service company that specializes in foreign worker deployment, settlement and immigration to Canada. To date, Mercan Recruit Ltd., with the participation of IMP Canada is currently the leading providers of foreign manpower recruitment and placement services in Canada by having completed almost 10,000 foreign worker placements across the Canada and other countries. Site:
  • 2006

    Mercan Canada Employment Philippines Inc. (MCEP) in Quezon City, Philippines is the central recruitment and evaluation hub of the Mercan Group’s worker recruitment operations. MCEP employs Industry Experts for screening, interviewing and assessing applicants from around the world. MCEP is in good standing with, and is duly licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA).
  • 2016

    Mercan International Education is organized by Mercan Group’s immigration and student consultants to cater to the needs of International Students and Educational Institutions.