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Mercan Group operates globally and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. For over 35 years, Mercan Group has built a global network of branch and agent offices in over 30 countries, including Canada, Portugal, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, China, Cambodia, Thailand, and Greece.

Our lines of business include assisting with investments, recruitment, and immigration services.

We’ve brought over 20,000 foreign workers, and assisted over 30,000 people who now call Canada their home!

We deliver one-stop immigration consulting services to applicants who want to immigrate to the USA, Canada, Europe, and more.

Mercan Group Investor Immigration Programs enable individuals to attain permanent residency and citizenship in their country of choice.

We’ve brought almost 15,000 foreign workers into Canada, the USA, the Middle East, and the Caribbean Islands.

Bonie Gundran

“Thank you very much MERCAN FAMILY for processing me and my wifes PR application, looking forward for your services again.“

Kristopher Gasmen

“It was my dream to work and live abroad and this company turned it into reality. They made it very easy for me by guiding me in every step. I came to Canada as a food counter attendant and now my family are here too. Mercan is a very reputable company and an expert in helping people build their future. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mercan, the tool that God used to fulfill our dreams. Specially to Marjorie Quintos, Rikee Beniza, Tennerose Dayadante, Cristina Rivera, Shirley Lee, Reena Coquilla and Diana Nicdao for being patient, helpful and precise. You guys are doing an awesome job in helping people attain their goals. God bless.“

Ryan Manalo

“I came to Canada as a service crew with the help of Mercan in 2009. I was promoted as a restaurant manager in 2011.

With the Help of  and with the guidance of Mercan Ltd.More Power to Mercan Ltd. and to those seeking goodlife here in Canada dont loose hope. God Bless!!.“

Glenda Mercado

MERCAN Group of Companies consists of a number of entities, each specializing in sectors of immigration, investment, education, and foreign worker recruitment.

Bikash Raj

Thank you so much to the whole team Mercan family. I will heartily recommend Mercan to my colleague, friends, or relatives if anyone is interested to apply through your organization. I am very thankful to you in guiding and supporting our success for the US EB3 Program.

Mercan is one of the largest and most successful immigration consulting firms in Canada. With over 30 years of experience, we are a leader in the investment, immigration consulting, and recruitment sectors. We are committed to delivering you the best solution that can lead to a second residency or citizenship for you and your family.

We have helped more than 50,000 applicants seeking to immigrate to Canada. Moreover, through our recruitment companies, about 15,000 foreign workers successfully came to Canada, the USA, the Middle East, Malaysia, and the Caribbean Islands and started their new lives. Over the decades, we have raised over $ 2 billion in foreign investment capital for various investor immigration programs in Canada, Portugal, and the USA.


Jerry Morgan founded Mercan Capital Ltd. (MCL) in Montreal, Canada. The company has expanded with regional offices in many countries.


Beijing Sino-Mercan Consulting (BSMC) was founded in Beijing, China. As an investment-consulting firm, BSMC has assisted investors to gain permanent residency in Canada, the United States of America, and Europe.


Mercan Recruit Ltd. (MRL) and IMP Canada are founded. Mercan Recruit globally recruits, tests, and settles skilled foreign workers into different countries. IMP Canada is a Canadian employer service company specializing in foreign worker relocation, settlement, and immigration to Canada.


Mercan Canada Employment Philippines Inc. (MCEP) in Quezon City, Philippines, is the central recruitment and evaluation hub of Mercan Group’s worker recruitment operations. MCEP employs Industry Experts to screen and interview applicants from around the world. MCEP is in good standing with and is duly licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA).


Mercan International Education is organized by Mercan Group’s immigration and student consultants to cater to the needs of International Students and Educational Institutions.


Mercan Business Services LLC was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to cater to clients in many investor immigration programs.


Mercan Manpower Supply opens in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This placement agency matches companies and workers in their temporary employment needs.


Mercan Greece opened in Greece. Mercan Group continues its expansion into the global market.

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