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Mercan Group joined the Portuguese Diaspora Council in Canada!

Mercan Group joined the Portuguese Head of State for a prestigious event in Toronto, celebrating 70 years of Portuguese emigration to Canada.

The Portuguese Diaspora Council hosted a corporate gala that marked the beginning of Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa’s visit to the emigrant communities of this dynamic nation. The gathering brought together an eclectic committee of Portuguese and Canadian identities, representatives, and partners, in celebration of a shared heritage and a promising future.

Among the distinguished guests, Mercan Group joined the Portuguese Committee, promoting solid relations between Portugal and Canada. Mr. Jerome Morgan, President and CEO of Mercan Group, and Jordi Vilanova – President of Mercan Properties – had the honor of accompanying the Portuguese Head of State, who highlighted Canada’s profound influence as a powerful political and economic partner, calling for greater participation to increase strength both in Portugal and Canada.

President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa eloquently emphasized the importance of the immigrant community’s contribution, acknowledging the invaluable presence of immigrants who invest and call Portugal their new home: “Portugal is united in thanking this community for years and decades of dedication,” without neglecting political participation: “You must participate, your participation gives more strength in Portugal and here,” he stressed.

This prestigious event not only celebrated the enduring bond between the two nations but also represented a significant milestone for Portugal’s immigration and investment scene. With a remarkable portfolio of 30 projects across Portugal, Mercan Group offers an unparalleled diversity of hotel units, from luxury segments to the highest quality standards. Our commitment to Portugal’s growth continues to shine brightly.

This celebration, served as a testament to the long-lasting links between Portugal and Canada, with Mercan Group at the forefront of creating a brighter future.

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