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Portugal Unveils Digital Nomad Visa to Lure Remote Workers

Not required to return to the office? You can now live and work in Portugal under a new digital nomad visa.

The Portuguese government is unveiling a residence permit for workers to stay in the country for up to a year. Officials released new details this week stating the program, originally announced in July, will go into effect Oct. 30.

Portugal has become a favorite destination for Americans looking to travel or relocate abroad. Its golden visa program — which offers a pathway to European citizenship — has grown in popularity in recent years while also generating criticism for lax oversight.

Yet until now, there wasn’t a simple way for temporary residents to work remotely from the country. Previously, expatriates had to apply for a D7 visa, which was mostly geared toward retirees.

“Digital nomadism is a trend that has been gaining traction since the early 2020s and with the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working became a reality for many workers,” said Patricia Casaburi, managing director of Global Citizen Solutions, an investment migration company. “This visa will simplify procedures for citizens from other countries who want to come to Portugal and the country will benefit from attracting a new labor market and more human resources.”

Those applying for the digital nomad visa must provide proof of tax residency, along with their employment contract or, if self-employed, another form of work contract. Average monthly income over the last three months must be equivalent at least to four times the national minimum wage in Portugal, which is currently €705 ($689) a month.

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