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Breaking Boundaries: A New Chapter in Immigration Law with AIMA Collaboration

We’re thrilled to share a groundbreaking development: the signing of a historic collaboration protocol between the Lawyers and Solicitors Bar Associations and AIMA. This significant agreement, finalized yesterday, paves the way for solicitors and lawyers to temporarily assess pending cases, thereby easing AIMA’s bureaucratic workload. Notably, this collaboration extends to processes related to granting residence with investment, including the gold visa.

This partnership signifies a pivotal moment in our ongoing efforts to address the backlog inherited from SEF and modernize legal processes. It underscores our unwavering advocacy and validates prior announcements regarding the government’s proactive stance on tackling the backlog.

Part of a larger initiative aimed at resolving the backlog, this collaboration represents a forward-thinking approach to managing immigration files, aligning with our advocacy alongside the government. While specific details of the agreement are still unfolding, its existence underscores our collective commitment to driving meaningful change and enhancing legal proceedings’ efficiency.

This announcement holds great promise for our clients, reflecting both the Government and AIMA’s dedication to alleviating the backlog and enhancing legal services. By leveraging technology and legal expertise, we anticipate significant progress in expediting processes, enhancing transparency, and delivering superior outcomes.

Rest assured, from our side, we’re fully committed to keeping you informed every step of the way as this collaboration unfolds and further initiatives take shape.

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