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Discovering Madeira: World 5th best city to invest

Whether it’s for a vacation, or just to spend some time off, investors may wonder where would be best to buy a future property investment. Questions like: away from the city rush, discovering small towns, or traveling inland, may appear, and what if the answer is just an ocean wave out from a great achievement?

When it comes to Golden Visa, all needs must be properly addressed, and finding a new home or a place to invest can be a challenge. Looking deep into Portugal, further off the Atlantic shore and surrounded by lush green mountains, lies the island of Funchal: a large city in the middle of the ocean, straight in the heart of the Madeira Archipelago. A recent study, conducted by Compare the Market, found that this cosmopolitan city was ranked 5th place as “the best city in the world to invest in“.

According to the Compare the Market study by The Burrow, which analysis locations around the globe based on factors such as touristic activities, restaurant availability, average price per sq.m and affordability, local weather, or even crime index score, Funchal City earned a total of 6.41 points out of 10.

Overall, the island scored highly on climate and safety, average cost of living, –  around €1,966 per month – and, lastly, when it comes to the price of real estate per m², an average value of €1,729.

Funchal: a Sea of Possibilities

On the other perspective, other factors also influence this destination as one of the best in the world to invest in. Commonly called the Hawaii of Europe”, this volcanic island offers a beautiful opportunity to witness seaside views, mountainous hiking, and trekking adventures. All these are combined with the enthusiastic city life of Funchal´s historical center, where the majority of the city’s attractions are located.

There, travelers can experience shopping, fascinating museums, exciting restaurants, and wine-tasting experiences in traditional taverns, while enjoying the best one of the best natural climates in the globe!

For outdoor enthusiasts, Pico do Areeiro – one of the highest peaks of Madeira, offers an astonishing panoramic view over the island, a definite must-see and do! If you’re feeling adventurous, why not climb up there to get a natural viewpoint of the island? With breathtaking views from the top and several activities to do here, Cabo Girão is the perfect place for all thrill-seekers.

For more abundant nature escapes in Funchal, you have the Ecological Park of Funchal featuring 10 km2 of mountainous terrain and walking trails for a hiker’s glee!

A Nature’s Paradise

Travelers can also experience one of nature’s wonders such as natural ocean pools, scuba diving, or even whale watching in one of the incredible boat trips across the Atlantic. Adventuring through the mountains, they are suddenly impressed by stunning waterfalls and natural fountains.

Deep on the mainland, the traditional houses of Santana, claimed by Portuguese sailors in the early 1400s, and supposedly uninhabited at the time (though there’s evidence the Vikings may have visited a few centuries earlier), are a must-visit location, not only by their beauty but also by their iconic shapes and colorful scenery. Further west, Santa Catarina Park is another lovely destination, with a 36 000 m² green space, where you can see a variety of flora & fauna species from all over the world; an excellent place to relax and enjoy the lookout points.

Traveling north, on top of a cliff, the famous calling cards in Monte Sledges, provide visitors with an unforgettable experience that is not only memorable but certainly inimitable. These unique vehicles were created in the 19th century, when they were used as a means of public transport by the population of the parish of Monte, located at an altitude of about 500 meters, to get down to the city of Funchal more quickly.

The Madeira Islands are also the home of Madeira fortified wine. This wine dates to the late 15th century when Madeira was a regular stop for ships and can range from dry to sweet. Visitors can experience amazing gastronomy experiences with wine tasting and delicious local dishes.

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