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Mercan Group’s Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel has been elected as the ‘Opening of the Year’ at the Nit Awards 2024

Mercan Group‘s Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel, known for its distinctive charm and unique character, has been honored with the ‘Opening of the Year’ award at the 2024 NiT Awards. Situated in the heart of Porto, this prestigious recognition underscores the hotel’s exceptional performance since its inauguration in 2023, marking a significant milestone in the hospitality industry.

Driven by Mercan Properties’ vision to revitalize Porto’s Lapa district, the hotel serves as a cornerstone for broader urban renewal efforts. This initiative reflects a dedication to luxury accommodations and the revitalization of an iconic part of the city, blending five-star hospitality with cultural and community engagement.

Guest feedback consistently praises the hotel’s meticulous attention to detail, the warmth of its staff, and the unwavering commitment evident in every aspect of service. With its impressive 17-meter infinity pool and rooftop area offering stunning views and a superb cocktail menu, the hotel provides a memorable experience for all visitors.

Looking ahead, the hotel is focused on elevating its culinary offerings, aiming to redefine Portuguese cuisine with a sophisticated flair and establish itself as a gastronomic landmark. As a vibrant gathering place for both locals and guests, the Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel is positioned to continue playing a pivotal role in Porto’s urban landscape, with ambitious plans for the future promising even greater developments.

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