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Casa das Lérias Hotel​

The hotel has an exclusive garden and outdoor swimming pool overlooking the River Tâmega, which temptingly invites our guests to relax outside with a view and privileged proximity to the river, being able to enjoy unique days whatever season we are in, even if on the hottest days we confess, the experience will be unforgettable.

With 23 rooms, Cafeteria & Bar, a panoramic terrace to the outdoor garden and with a privileged view of the River Tâmega, will be the meeting point for all those looking for quality service in an idyllic space.


The original building where the current hotel is now located, was once known as the famous CASA DAS LÉRIAS – a historical place, famous for the traditional cakes of Amarante.

Located on bank River Tâmega in Amarante, Casa das Lérias offers a relaxed and avant-garde atmosphere, which appeals to well-being, incorporating a large outdoor space and modern facilities that combine comfort with elegance.

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