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The Porto Art´s Suites project is part of the rehabilitation of Properties of the Patrimonial  Interest of the city of Porto. It will be a perfect complement to the Porto Art’s Hotel, providing extra space and flexibility and giving a new life to the history and culture surrounding the area.

As mentioned before, Porto is a city of tradition. The tradition not only comes from Portuguese cosmopolitan crowds and costumes, the festivals, the sea, and the city’s beautiful waterfront, it also comes from the materials we use, engraved with the country’s story and tales.

The building is located in the Bonfim Urban Rehabilitation Area (A.R.U. Bonfim), which is an urban and architectural area located at the front of a unified city.


This is a piece of land covering an area of approximately  445 square meters. Inserted in a neighborhood surrounded by residents of Rua das Fontaínhas, Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas, Associação dos moradores de São Vítor and Alameda das Fontainhas. Facing the east side of the building is the old Sanatorium  “Asilo da   Misericórdia”, and to the south is the access to the Infante D. Henrique bridge.

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