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Mercan Group Announcement: Extension of Residency Titles Validity in Portugal

We are pleased to inform you that the Portuguese Government has extended the validity of all residency titles until June 30th, 2025. This decision, made after the Council of Ministers’ meeting, is part of a broader Public Administration Reform and Migration Action Plan.

Public Administration Reform

This reform, set to be implemented over the next four years, focuses on:

  • Enhancing unity and effectiveness of administrative actions;
  • Promoting cost-efficiency through shared resources;
  • Encouraging innovation and specialization;
  • Improving organizational and operational models.
 Migration Action Plan

The Migration Action Plan includes three key pillars:

  • Proactive Immigration Attraction: The Agency for Integration, Migrations, and Asylum (AIMA) will proactively attract immigrants.
  • Migration Observatory: Establishing the Migration Observatory to value migration data and insights.
  • Extension of Documents and Visas: Extending the validity of documents and visas related to staying in Portugal until June 30th, 2025.

Additionally, a Task Force for the Recovery of Pending Processes at AIMA has been created. This task force, operating until June 2, 2025, will focus on analyzing and deciding on pending processes for the regularization of foreigners, with up to 300 personnel dedicated to administrative processing and applicant assistance.

At Mercan Group, we consider this extension very positive news for our investors. It demonstrates the government’s commitment to the rights and expectations of all individuals who have chosen Portugal for their residency.

We understand the significance of this development for our clients and remain committed to providing continuous support throughout the process. Please rest assured that we are closely monitoring the situation and will provide timely updates as new information becomes available.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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