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Mercan Group’s Landmark Seminar in London: Elevating Portugal’s Tourism and Hospitality

On June 19th, Mercan Group, in collaboration with the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK and IAS, hosted its first special seminar in London! 🎉

The event showcased Mercan Group’s significant contributions to Portugal’s tourism and hospitality sectors, attracting a diverse audience of partners and business leaders.

Jordi Vilanova, President of Mercan Portugal, led the seminar, highlighting Mercan’s impact on these sectors and its collaboration with internationally awarded brands that have elevated Portugal’s global tourism appeal.

The seminar also unveiled Mercan Group’s future strategies, including the Investment Fund Program, aimed at fostering sustainable growth and innovation in Portugal’s hospitality sector. 🌍✨

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to drive investment and development in Portugal!

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