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Mercan Group: Spearheading Global Investment Roadshows

Being a trailblazer in the investment landscape, Mercan Group has consistently demonstrated its commitment to international collaboration and strengthening its leadership position.

In a remarkable demonstration of global synergy and the establishment of robust connections worldwide, Mercan Group continues to showcase its leadership and dedication to the investment and hospitality sectors through active participation in prominent international roadshow events. This includes this year’s REX Conference in Mumbai, InvestPro Azerbaijan in Baku, and the Bosco Conference in Istanbul.

Catarina SImão, Sales & Business Development, at InvestPro Turkiye Istanbul 2024 
Kristina Lapshina – Business Development Manager & Kateryna Ilechko – Lawyer at InvestPro Azerbaijan 2024
Teresa Archer – Sales & Business Development Manager and Diana Ribeiro – Lawyer at IREX Conference Mumbai 2024

These events serve as ideal platforms for showcasing Mercan Group’s robust investment strategies and reaffirming its status as a leader in global investment trends. They also highlight Portugal as a premier destination for investment and lifestyle. By engaging with global markets at these conferences, Mercan Group further expands its influence and operational reach, particularly in Portugal, where it is acknowledged as a center of innovation and expertise in the investment realm.

These appearances not only emphasize Mercan Group’s dedication to international partnerships but also underscore its role in promoting economic and investment opportunities in Portugal and beyond.

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