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Portugal drew in €3.5 billion in foreign investment in 2023, marking the highest influx since 2016

There have been 36 new investment decisions totaling €2.739 billion, resulting in the creation of 6,810 jobs. Among these, 14 projects are industrial in nature. Additionally, there are 12 investment projects from existing companies in Portugal, expected to generate an extra 1,500 jobs. AICEP is currently overseeing 50 PIN applications.

Last year, AICEP secured a record-breaking €3.5 billion in investments, the highest amount since 2016. Of this sum, over €2.7 billion comes from new Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), encompassing 36 confirmed leads and the creation of 6,810 jobs. Notably, the industrial projects account for 14 of these, generating 3,555 new positions. The remaining 3,255 jobs pertain to service centers.

Additionally, reinvestment projects by foreign and domestic companies contribute over €719 million to the total, promising an additional 1,526 jobs.

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