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Portugal Golden Visa: Residency Period Start Clarification

We are excited to bring to your attention a significant update regarding the submission date for residency applications. This development carries substantial implications for those aiming to apply for Portuguese citizenship after fulfilling the required residency period.

We have received verbal confirmation from the immigration services in Porto, along with an official email confirmation from the Agência para a Imigração e Mobilidade da Administração (AIMA), specifically from the Unidade de Apoio às Autorizações de Residência para Investimento (UARI), the department responsible for processing Golden Visa residencies. Both sources have confirmed that the submission date for residency applications will be recognized as the date the application is submitted online.

This clarification is crucial as it establishes the starting point of the five-year residency period necessary for citizenship eligibility. According to the updated guidelines, the date you submit your application online will be counted as the official start of your residency period.

While this update simplifies the process and provides a clear benchmark for applicants to understand when their residency period officially begins, it is essential to note that the regulation concerning this clarification has yet to be published, even though the deadline for publication has already passed. We are closely monitoring this situation and will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available.

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