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Portugal offers the best Golden Visas worldwide in 2024

Portugal tops a global ranking of best residence-by-investment programs, despite recent restrictions.

The picturesque country offers a blend of affordability and high-quality living, alongside seamless access to other European nations and a straightforward pathway to EU citizenship, as highlighted by a recent index from consultancy Henley & Partners. Austria and Greece share the second spot in this ranking.

Despite ongoing discussions about the future of residence-by-investment programs, which grant foreign investors permanent residency through initial investments, golden visas continue to thrive.

European countries are prominently featured in the index due to their favorable citizenship acquisition processes, visa-free travel within the EU, and opportunities for business setup or residence at a low cost.

While golden visas face criticism over potentially inflating real estate markets, countries like Portugal and Greece have taken steps to regulate their availability. Portugal, in particular, has responded to housing challenges by reviewing expat tax incentives. Despite these adjustments, Portugal remains an attractive option for foreign investors.

Other nations, including the United Arab Emirates and Hungary, have also introduced their own residence-by-investment initiatives.

According to Henley & Partners, a record number of high-net-worth individuals are expected to relocate globally in 2024, with Americans leading the pack in golden visa applications through consultancy services both last year and this year.

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